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APCOA PARKING Danmark A/S's mission is to offer the best and most convenient customer-friendly solutions in the parking industry. At APCOA PARKING Danmark A/S we view parking as a service. Therefore, we constantly work on making parking easy and hassle-free to the benefit of both car drivers and customers.

At APCOA PARKING Danmark A/S we are constantly creating new possibilities for you as a customer and user. Find more information on our website.

EuroPark Parking controlEuroPark Parking control

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If you are unable to find answers in our FAQ, you are welcome to make an inquiry about a parking fee you have received. Use the form below.

Frequently asked questions

Inquiry regarding parking fee

1: Information regarding the parking fee

You will find the fee number and the registration number on the parking fee.
The fee number consists entirely of digits and is 8-10 digits long.
If you have received more than one fee, you must fill out the form below for each of the fees. The inquiry will only be registered and processed in regard to the below entered fee number. The case is on hold when you receive a receipt.

Allowed characters are: 0-9

2: Information about the person making the inquiry

Choose below...

3: Information about the person who drove the vehicle

If you were not the driver of the vehicle, you will need to fill in the following information about the driver.
Please provide your own information, if you drove the vehicle yourself.

NB: If you enter the driver’s e-mail address, the driver will receive a copy of the inquiry including all the entered information.
The answer to the inquiry will be sent to the driver of the vehicle. If the claim is to be addressed to the person making the inquiry, and not to the driver, this must be stated explicitly in the inquiry.

NB: If you enter the driver’s e-mail address, the driver will receive a copy of the inquiry including all the entered information.

4: Provide additional information

You have the opportunity to explain your point of view below. You also have the option to attach other documentation in the form of one or more files. Documentation will be submitted along with your inquiry. Please note that the submitted documentation will be included in the other case material and will form the basis of our assessment of the case, after which we will send a written response.

It is therefore important that you do not send documentation containing social security numbers or other personal information that is not required for the processing of the case.

Remaining characters: 250
Clear files
Allowed file extensions: .doc,.docx,.gif,.jpg,.jpeg,.bmp,.png,.pdf
Max filesize: 10MB

Notification of processing of the information you provide

When you register for one of our services (e.g. APCOA FLOW, parkering.bll.dk, europark.dk) or send a request to us, you agree that we will store and process the information that you provide.

Please note, that submitted documentation will be included as part of the case material, and in our assessment of the case, after which we will send a written reply. It is therefore important that you do not submit material / documentation with a personal identification number or other personal information that is not necessary for the case processing. Material / documents with sensitive information that are not necessary for the case processing will be deleted.

Your information is used to process your request or provide the service that you have contacted us about. Your information will be processed in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with the applicable rules for the processing of personal data. You also accept that you will refer to the e-mail address provided, so that we may confirm and update your registered information. Information is not processed for any purposes other than what it was provided for.

As a registered user, you have the right to object to our collection of your information, and you can correct, learn of and delete recorded information, according to the applicable rules.

Read more about our data protection policy on www.apcoa.dk/persondatapolitik.

Track & trace

If you've paid or made and inquiry, you can track your case here.

Track your fee

Find answers to frequently asked questions about parking, parking fees etc. here

Frequently asked questions
Please note

If your inquiry does not concern a parking fee that you have received but something else, we kindly ask you to send an email to info@europark.dk.